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Derek Anderson is the CEO and Founder of Select Stone & Tile.


Derek completed his apprenticeship in tiling and stonemasonry during the early 1980’s before venturing out on his own. With a great passion for the construction industry and an avid interest in stone and tile, Derek became inspired to start building a company that he envisioned – a brand name known as the stone & tile specialists, which is recognised as a highly knowledgeable and experienced company.


He has been involved in numerous notable projects throughout Australia including Riparian Plaza, Versace Hotel, Sydney International Airport, Bond University, Macarthur Central, 50 Cavil Avenue, Mincom Central and Q1 as well as copious mansions around the country. With over 30 years of expertise, Derek understands the enduring poetry of luxury surface finishes and ensures all projects encapsulate their stylistic requirements. Today, Derek is still very much involved as the founder of the company through activities such as managing the companies international distributors.


Derek takes pride in the success of Select Stone & Tile, which has carved out a solid reputation within the industry. Derek attributes their success to the team’s ability to thrive on challenges and deliver client requests on time while providing exceptional quality and the highest level of customer satisfaction.




Email: jayden@selectstone.com.au


Jayden Anderson is the Managing Director of Select Stone & Tile.


Jayden studied a double degree in Law and International Business at Griffith University and started his career in the stone and tile industry with his father over 10 years ago. With a great passion for development and the built environment, mixed with an avid interest in stone and tile, Jayden has become instrumental to the success of the company by looking after its operations in an effort to continue the brands growth trajectory.


He has impressive experience in supplying both the commercial and residential markets, including the provisioning of special designs such as the marble cladding of a fish tank, which went through a marble floor and up into a granite countertop.


Jayden is proud the Anderson family has crafted a brand that is uniquely placed to supply a substantial collection of not only porcelain but also a wide range of marble and granite, which ensures they can meet all of their client’s requests. Furthermore, Jayden notes that it’s important to carry a full range, because today, these finishing materials have become the jewellery of a construction project. Therefore, it’s important that end-users have a quality selection so they love the materials they choose – this is why the brand only supplies the highest quality of stone and tile.