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Select Stone & Tile is the Australasian subsidiary of Capri Ceramica: producer of porcelain floor and wall surfaces for residential, commercial and public areas. The company offers only the highest quality products that stand out for their excellent technical performance levels, meeting the requirements of the most demanding building locations. Decades of experience ensures innovation capability as well as attentive Italian creativity and design for a stunning collection of select high-end porcelain and natural stone materials.

Quality at Select Stone means quality of technical product, process and environmental sustainability. These priorities have enabled the company to work under many international quality certifications whilst additionally enabling the company’s love of porcelain and stone surfaces to continue respecting the environment.



The company has dedicated suitable resources to research and development pursuits. This commitment has given rise to the development of significant production know-how and a range of special designs that will enhance any projects interior or exterior. Select Stone has always made aesthetic research a strong point of its offering, recognising the need for  surfaces to become a furnishing and architectural feature. 

You can bring any vision to life with Select Stone’s outstanding collection of products and solid commitment to quality. The company provides all that’s needed to dream, create and design with confidence. All staff members bring a deep understanding of every facet of the porcelain and stone industry to all clients, along with an unwavering respect for each client and every creative dream.



In a world that sometimes seems without a core, Select Stone is a family owned company whose central principles remain impervious to change. For generations, the family has honoured its commitment of pairing clients with the finest porcelain and natural stone materials the bounty of the planet can provide. Select Stone means you can imagine the possibilities.